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Legal Photography

argonaut-risk-management-and-insurance-investigation-services-legal-photographyIt’s often been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture can also be worth hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of dollars depending on its content, as it relates to claim costs when assessing liability and determining damages in various types of claims or business needs. A picture or video that intelligently captures evidence of an object, accident scene, structure, vehicle or person prior to, or after an incident, occurrence or accident, event or chain of events depicting significant or specific detail to confirm, define or assess a theory, create a hypothesis or prove by standards of time (past, present, future) what existed and what exists, can be the difference between being ordered to pay a settlement or being found not liable and not paying.

ARMIIS is licensed and bonded specializing in legal photography/videography, providing the photographs and video for your claims or business needs. From product liability, construction site accidents, structural documentation and field testing, to any personal injuries, faulty machinery, vehicles, building property fire/water/wind damage, accident scene, and third party entities. We also document construction phasing, corporate assets, existing building conditions, work place conditions, personnel, etc.

Our Legal Photography services include but is not limited to:

• Accident/ Incident/ Occurrence scene (primary, secondary, other)
• Construction Site Work-Pre-Construction, During Construction or Post Construction
• Property Damage (commercial / residential / industrial building )
• Personal Injury

• Evidence
• Corporate Search
• Construction Damage/ Material Defect
• Post-Accident Pollution

• Subcontractor Work
• Aerial Photography
• Subrogation (machine, vehicle, non-motorized equipment)
• Videography