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Risk Management

argonaut-risk-management-and-insurance-investigation-services-risk-management-servicesUnderstanding the elements of risk, as it relates to various segments of your business and implementing positive, proactive change, designed to improve the risk potential is a necessary business goal. Quantifying and measuring those results supports redevelopment or evolution of risk management goals. Improved Risk management translates into reduced claim costs and greater company profitability.When that doesn’t happen, decisive actions need to be made to correct and alleviate future goals from getting sidelined. ARMIIS offers our client’s options to assist them through the use of specific training or targeted services designed to help them understand and control their claim costs, potential future exposures, and development of proactive solutions.

Call us with any concerns or questions and we would be glad to assist you further. Don’t let a thousand words turn into potentially thousands of claim dollar costs involving your company!

Our Risk Management access includes but is not limited to:

• Pre-Accident Planning
• Pre and Post Plant/ Office Closing
• Return to Work Programs

• Best Practice Claim Audit Review
• Loss Prevention/ Safety Review
• Onsite Training-Customized for Staff

• Loss Analysis Review
• Claim Trending analysis
• Customized training programs